Foundation Dermal Filler Course

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  • Course Duration: 1 day
  • Course Cost: £600 including VAT
  • Number of places per course: 3 ( we feel you will learn more with a small group of delegates)
  • CPD Accredited: 9 Hours awarded.
  • CPD Accreditation number:
  • CPD certificate awarded on completion of the course

Our Foundation Dermal Filler Course

Is specifically designed for medical professionals seeking to enhance their skills in the field of aesthetic medicine. This comprehensive training program provides participants with the knowledge and practical expertise necessary to perform dermal filler procedures effectively and safely.

During the course

Medical professionals will learn about the various types of dermal fillers, their indications, and the principles of facial anatomy. We emphasize a thorough understanding of facial proportions, contouring, and rejuvenation techniques to achieve natural-looking results.

The curriculum covers both theoretical and practical aspects of dermal filler procedures.

Participants will explore topics such as patient assessment, consultation, treatment planning, injection techniques, and post-treatment care. Our experienced instructors will guide participants through hands-on training sessions, allowing them to develop proficiency in administering dermal fillers.

Safety is paramount in our training program.

We place a strong emphasis on teaching proper injection techniques, understanding potential complications, and how to manage adverse events. Participants will also learn about patient selection criteria, contraindications, and managing patient expectations.

Upon successful completion of the Foundation Dermal Filler Course

Medical professionals will possess the necessary skills to perform dermal filler treatments independently. They will have the confidence to create natural-looking results, enhance facial features, and address common aesthetic concerns.

Our course is designed to provide medical professionals with a solid foundation in dermal filler procedures, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the growing field of aesthetic medicine.

By the end of our Foundation Dermal Filler Course, participants will have achieved the following learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of Dermal Fillers

  • Facial Anatomy Mastery

  • Patient Assessment and Consultation Skills

  • Injection Techniques

  • Safety and Risk Management

  • Hands-On Practical Training

  • Ethical and Professional Considerations

  • Post-Treatment Care and Follow-up

  • Business and Marketing Skills

By achieving these learning outcomes, participants in our Foundation Dermal Filler Course will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to perform dermal filler procedures competently and safely in their medical practice

Course duration

1 day

Number of delegates

maximum of 3

CPD accredited

9 Hours

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Foundation dermal filler course

Prices inc vat

Medical professionals only