Phlebotomy - Blood testing

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Phlebotomy Services at Palm Springs Aesthetics:

Your Path to Comprehensive Health and Wellness

Welcome to Palm Springs Aesthetics’ Phlebotomy Services, where we prioritise your health and well-being by providing a wide array of advanced blood tests. Our dedicated team of skilled phlebotomists and experienced doctors work together to ensure you receive accurate and comprehensive results, empowering you to take control of your health journey.

Our Extensive Blood Tests include:

Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP):

A foundational test that evaluates key indicators such as blood sugar, electrolyte levels, and kidney function.

Complete Blood Count (CBC):

Assessing red and white blood cells, as well as platelet count, to detect anaemia, infections, and blood disorders.

Lipid Profile:

An essential test for assessing cholesterol levels, including LDL and HDL, to manage cardiovascular health.

Liver Function Tests (LFTs):

Evaluating liver enzyme levels and other markers to monitor liver health and identify potential issues.

Thyroid Function Tests (TFTs):

Analysing thyroid hormone levels to assess thyroid function and detect any thyroid-related concerns.

Vitamin and Mineral Levels:

A comprehensive evaluation of vital nutrients to ensure your body’s optimal nutritional status.

Hormone Panels:

A thorough assessment of hormone levels for both men and women, aiding in identifying hormonal imbalances and supporting hormone-related treatments.

Allergy Testing:

Pinpointing specific allergens through comprehensive tests to aid in personalised allergy management plans.

Advanced WellMan Testing:

Tailored to men’s health, this comprehensive panel examines crucial health markers to optimise well-being.

Advanced Well Women Testing:

Specifically designed for women, this comprehensive panel evaluates key health indicators to promote overall wellness.

Fertility Testing:

A specialised panel to assess fertility and reproductive health, supporting family planning and fertility treatment.

Customisable Panels:

We also offer personalised and customisable blood test panels to cater to your specific health concerns and requirements.

Doctor-Reviewed Results:

At Palm Springs Aesthetics, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and accuracy. Once our skilled phlebotomists have collected your samples, our advanced laboratory facilities process the tests efficiently. The results are then meticulously reviewed and interpreted by our experienced doctors. You can trust that every result you receive is accurate, reliable, and accompanied by clear explanations.

Your Wellness is Our Mission:

At Palm Springs Aesthetics, we believe that knowledge is the first step to wellness. Our comprehensive Phlebotomy Services offer you the insight you need to make informed decisions about your health. Whether you’re seeking to monitor existing health conditions, optimise your well-being, or plan for your future, our blood tests are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Take the First Step:

Empower yourself with the knowledge to lead a healthier life. Book your Phlebotomy Services appointment at Palm Springs Aesthetics today, and let our expert team guide you on your journey to comprehensive health and wellness. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Procedure Time

30 mins

Back to work



Numbing Cream/ if required

Full recovery


Sensitivity period/ swelling


No. of treatments

Dependent of blood requests


5 days 

Results duration


Potential risks

Bruising/pain on injections/ swelling

Phlebotomy Service