picture of winding road showing things to consider before having aesthetic treatments
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Your (personal) Aesthetics journey

picture of winding road showing things to consider before having aesthetic treatments


In any competitive field, including aesthetics, negativity and criticism can occasionally find their way into the professional landscape. As an aesthetic practitioner, it’s important to stay focused on your own journey and not let the negativity of others derail your progress. In this blog, we will explore why it’s essential to avoid listening to negativity from other practitioners in aesthetics and instead maintain a positive mindset that propels you towards success.

Uniqueness of Your Journey:

Each aesthetic practitioner has a unique journey, with individual experiences, skillsets, and artistic visions. It’s crucial to remember that no two practitioners are exactly alike, and comparing yourself to others can be counterproductive. Embrace your own journey, recognise your strengths, and focus on developing your own expertise rather than getting caught up in the negativity of comparison.

The Subjectivity of Aesthetics:

Aesthetics is inherently subjective, as beauty and aesthetic preferences vary from person to person. What one practitioner may consider excellent work, another may not. Recognise that aesthetic judgments are subjective, and opinions can differ based on personal preferences, cultural backgrounds, or trends. Avoid dwelling on negative comments or criticisms that may not align with your own artistic vision or the satisfaction of your patients.

Embracing Constructive Feedback:

While it’s essential to filter out unnecessary negativity, it’s equally important to differentiate constructive feedback from unfounded criticism. Constructive feedback from trusted mentors or colleagues can provide valuable insights for professional growth. Embrace feedback that helps you improve your techniques, patient care, or business practices. However, be discerning and consider the source before internalising feedback.

Focusing on Patient Satisfaction:

The ultimate goal of aesthetics is to enhance the well-being and satisfaction of your patients. Rather than getting caught up in the negativity of other practitioners, prioritise listening to your patients’ needs and desires. Concentrate on delivering high-quality care, ensuring patient safety, and achieving the best possible outcomes. Positive patient experiences and word-of-mouth referrals will be a testament to your skills and expertise.

Building a Supportive Network:

Surround yourself with a supportive network of like-minded individuals who uplift and inspire you. Seek out mentors, join professional associations, and connect with practitioners who share a positive mindset and a commitment to professional growth. Engage in constructive conversations, share knowledge, and collaborate with others who encourage your development as an aesthetic practitioner.

Fostering a Positive Mindset:

Negativity can be toxic and drain your energy and enthusiasm for your chosen profession. Cultivate a positive mindset by focusing on your achievements, celebrating milestones, and embracing a growth-oriented approach. Practice self-care, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Surround yourself with positive influences that uplift your spirits and reinforce your passion for aesthetics.

Embracing Lifelong Learning:

The field of aesthetics is continuously evolving, with new techniques, technologies, and research emerging regularly. Stay updated with industry advancements, invest in continuing education, and embrace lifelong learning. Focusing on self-improvement and professional growth will keep you motivated, confident, and equipped to provide the best care for your patients.


In the aesthetics field, it’s crucial to tune out negativity from other practitioners and focus on your own journey. Embrace your uniqueness, remember the subjectivity of aesthetics, and prioritise patient satisfaction. Seek constructive feedback, build a supportive network, and foster a positive mindset. By staying focused on your own growth and the well-being of your patients, you will rise above negativity and flourish as an aesthetic practitioner. Remember, it’s your journey that matters most in shaping your success and making a positive impact in the lives of your patients..